Hypochondriasis refers to an overwhelming worry about having a serious illness. It is defined as being the  result of an inaccurate perception of the condition of body or mind despite the absence of an actual medical condition. Lately, my health has been a source of constant worry for me. Although some of my concerns are legitimate, I can’t help but notice that every little ache and pain plunges me in a complete panic attack, where I spend the next few hours pondering on what could possibly be wrong with me. It seems I’ve become a hypochondriac of the first order folks, and it is a little exhausting truth be told.

It usually starts with a little symptom that wasn’t there before, or some new pain that just comes out of nowhere. And of course you notice it immediately.

Hello, hello. What’s all this then?


You quickly catalogue every single symptom, and start searching franticly on the web for an answer.

To the internet Clarice!

This is of course a BAD MOVE. WebMD is clearly the work of the devil, and you are now trapped in your own personal nightmare.

Oh God, why did I look?

After what can only be described as hours of nightmare fuelled browsing, you end up convincing yourself that you are at death’s door steps, afflicted by some incurable disease. It is the end…Until a merciful soul rescues you from your delusions by knocking some sense into you.


But then again, the whole process starts all over with yet another discovery of some  new symptoms…..welcome to the life of a hypochondriac folks.




7 thoughts on “Musings of a hypochondriac

  1. I’m no Hypochondriac, but I remember that while taking a microbiology elective a couple of years ago, I would diagnose myself with almost every illness as I tried to learn and memorize the symptoms 😂😂. WebMD is horrible, but microbiology texts can be pretty graphic too😂.


  2. I am not a hypochondriac per se but I definitely scour the internet for possible answers to any “abnormalities” I may feel – and that’s DEFINITELY the worst thing I can do, because more often than not, the answers will be exaggerated. My latest worry was “oh gosh nausea is listed as a symptom. noooooooooo.” sigh.


  3. I’m glad to have discovered a community of fellow hypochondriacs! I think it says a lot about our current society though, eh? I’ll have to ruminate over the matter to discern just what exactly. I love how you’re always making me think. I feel like Winnie the Pooh!


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